Product introduction
Pedia, suitable for children. Considering children's psychological needs during the treatment, this bed is designed to give more confidence and comfort for them, nurses as well. Sideboard is moved under the bed while it swings down and allows nurses to be closer to patients. locking system for head/foot/side boards is very safe, and it has special pedal, located above castors. For this reason locking system is not available to the child. Bumpers are "Triple Rollers" to maximize the prevention.

Technical Specifications

• Mattress platform is two cranks with integrated metal surface, 1.5mm thickness, rigid, and strengthened chassis
•Backrest adjustment is manually by gas spring
•Vertical movement sideboards with several positions for protecting child
•Aluminum head and foot board with pedal locking system
•Washable and disinfect able
• Airflow capability under mattress.
•Four plastic castors with two independent brakes
•IV stand holder at each corner
•Bumpers are “Triple Rollers" at each corner


• Overall : 1630X955X1770 mm
•Matters platform: 70X720X1480 mm
•Height: 780 mm.
•Backrest angle: 0 -70
•Castors: 125 mm.
•Max. Load: 170 kg.


•IV stand
•Urine bag holder


• IEC-60601-2-52
• ISIRI 3368-2-52
• ISO 13485
• ISO 9001
• EN-980 CE