Product introduction
Keeping our product design focused on key needs ensures a practical, economical and user-friendly product. Atria is a hospital bed with a unique design. Its strength as one of this product features, has always been taken into consideration of users and customers. Sina experts noticed to the feedbacks and constructive criticism of users, as well as after-sales services experts several years’ experience during periodic review and the valid standards of the world in the design and manufacturing of Atria’s parts. Finally, it has been produced in Sina factory after various full load tests on-site quality control laboratory. The material used for production of the especially designed platform - Two - ply - have created a very smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The capacity to tolerate overweight, possibility of airflow and being shatterproof can be considered as an advantage of this product.

Technical Specifications

• Mattress platform is four section, three cranks with integrated plastic Two-ply surface and strengthened chassis
• Backrest, knee raise and Hi- Low adjustments are electrically
• Plastofold side rails
• Three-functional positioning control accessible to the patient
• Detachable head and foot boards with metal connection and suitable ergonomic style for easy handling
• Washable and disinfectable
• Airflow capability under the mattress
• Four castors with central/directional brakes
• Four rubber bumpers at each corner
• Main power supply 220V-50 Hz, 24 DC
• Max. power input 230 watt
• Electrical current protection Class2
• Electrical shock position Type B
• Duty cycle %10
• Dust proof and water resistant IPX4
• IV stand holder at each corner
• Traction holder
• Urine bag holder

• Nurse control handset (ACP)

• Overall 2400 x 1030 (mm)
• Mattress platform 2000 x 900 (mm)
• Backrest angle 0º - 80º
• Knee raise angle 0º - 35º
• Hi–Low 500 - 730 (mm)
• Castors 150 (mm) diameter central/directional brakes
• Max. load 250 kg
• Max. patient load capacity 170 kg

• IV stand
• Traction Bar

• ISO 9001: 2015
• ISO 13485: 2016
• IEC 60601-1
• IEC 60601-2-52
• EN ISO 14971
• EN ISO 15223-1
• CE